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SilverballZ is a first-person platformer powered by Build Engine.

While it features the same technology as the first-person shooters,  SBZ is actually a complete antipode of it. 
The visual style is utterly minimalistic, violence is minimal,  and the actual gameplay is №1 priority here. Your character is a anthropomorphic ball named Silver, and you're one of the silver balls. 
The evil shapes is your enemies, and your job is to free your friends from them, 
i.e. you must collect all balls to finish each level. 
The gameplay is nothing but platforming and evasion. 


-12 levels of jumping mayhem!
-3D-rendered sprites!
-PC Speaker sounds, for pure retro!
-OST by Brandon Blume, aka MusicallyInspired! 8 tracks!

Based on Build Engine and EDuke32 port 

The game itself is freeware, but if you like the game and to support the devs, you can buy the OST here: https://manicware.itch.io/sbzost


SilverballZ.zip 32 MB

Install instructions

Unzip, launch SILVERBALLZ.EXE in either software or opengl renderer. 

1360x768 resolution is recommended 

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